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At Dan’s Heating & Cooling we are here whenever you need Las Vegas air conditioning or heating services. Our HVAC contractors are on call for you, 24/7/365 – so whenever you have a heating or cooling need, you can rest easy knowing that we are just a phone call away. Since 2005, our air conditioning and heating contractors have been providing superior heating and air conditioning equipment while helping to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are always running properly for optimal efficiency and comfort.


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Dan’s Heating & Cooling specializes in all types of Las Vegas ac repairs, ac installations and services including residential heating and air conditioning equipment, humidification systems, air purification systems, furnace repair, heat pumps and much more. If you should ever find yourself in need of professional Las Vegas air conditioning or heating service, you can count on the professional and experienced Las Vegas HVAC contractors at Dan’s Heating & Cooling.


Las Vegas Indoor Air

As your trusted Las Vegas air conditioning company, we have one purpose: to take care of you and your family through our indoor comfort products and services. From our Las Vegas indoor air quality improvements such as duct cleaning, air cleaners, and humidifiers to our heating repairs and air conditioning services, we can provide you with the best solutions that will help you lower your energy usage and increase your home comfort.

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Raymore Heating Repair

Your home is the only sanctuary where you really feel safe and comfortable. You love your home because you can feel the warmth and love around it each time you enter it. But with the cold temperature, how can you enjoy this feeling of warmth and joy in your very home? Home improvements can be done to achieve a better and more comfortable house such as installing a heater that will surely lift a person off his feet when he feels the comfort from this appliance. But what will a person do if that heater will malfunction suddenly? Now this article will discuss some aspects and concepts related to heating repairs.

The object which is used to raise the temperature of the surroundings is called a heater. This object produces a specific amount of heat to warm just anything such as water, food, and even air. In a common household setting, a heater is installed to control the temperature around the house especially when it is too cold especially during the winter season. This is a very essential part of a home to improve the quality of life a person may receive from living in a home.


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